Lady Gaga is Overrated

Normally, I would try to avoid having a strong opinion about a celebrity, especially one that evokes people and asks for controversy. This is because most celebrities who do warrant any opinion usually do not last long — cultural relevance has a short shelf life (genuinely good entertainers, however, don’t).

But, Lady Gaga, I guess you win this round. You’ve succeeded in getting me to feel something for you, even if that emotion is primarily “annoyed.” And thus, I will proceed to have an opinion about a woman who, in honestly, only ever wanted me to have an opinion about her.

The first thing I will say about Lady Gaga is that initially I was unsure how to feel about her, and I liked it that way. I found her music entertaining, of course, but as a human being I could have taken her or left her. The costumes, while “outrageous,” seemed sort of conventional in the way that a lot of “outrageous” things are. Her “persona” didn’t seem to be much other than a vague accessory to said outfits.

It seemed like, “Hey! Look at me! I’m defying conventional norms!” And I’m like, “Yeah, you and ever other hipster ever.” Besides, unconventional fashion was already achieved 25 years ago in the late 80s by James St. James (and perhaps even before him):

So, like I said, I have lived a majority of my life relatively uninfluenced by Lady Gaga in any respect. However, lately she has been giving interviews, and so now I’ll finally concede that she’s retarded.

Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore. -Lady Gaga

First of all, let’s say this is true. Let’s say that life is a dichotomy in which there are only two possible routes to be chosen by women: men or careers. Ok, fine.

But, NEWSFLASH: Your career can effectively wake up and tell you it doesn’t love you anymore too. It’s called getting fired, or laid off. It’s called a shitty economy. Sorry to bring up the possibility Lady Gaga, but your career could possibly do the same thing to you once the novelty of your “outrageousness” wears off.

And then, to indeed say that a woman must decide between men or careers is insane. Why not fucking have both? I want both. And I think I am at a place in my life where I do have both. I did not have to follow men to get a boyfriend, nor did I have to give up everything to follow my dreams. I just lived my life like a normal human being: worked hard, made choices, and in the process met people.

The thing I find most upsetting about Lady Gaga is that I feel like her comments in this vein are meant to be empowering for women. I find that they do the opposite. A comment like this encourages women to feel guilty about the fact that they are human beings who might indeed desire a romantic connection with someone. I think that’s normal. This comment also implies that there is something silly about loving another human being, while “following dreams” is somehow more respectful.

I do think that women should absolutely follow their dreams, but I do not think this comes at a cost of denying anything they might inherently desire.

I think that if there is a woman out there who follows men in the ultimate sense, perhaps wants to just get married and have kids, abandoning the possibility of her own income, then you know what, whatever. That’s her fucking prerogative. That is her choice and those are her values. Who am I, really, to judge that? While it is not something I would be personally satisfied with, I also do not think that the high-strung business women who has no time for friends or family is somehow a more “worthwhile” person.

And again, I feel like while Lady Gaga is busy trying to be some fucking feminist, she is missing the point. Her quote comes with a double standard ingrained in it. Imagine saying the same thing to men, “Some men choose to follow women, and some men choose to follow their dreams. If you’re wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesn’t love you anymore.”

You would never say such a thing to a man. Men are never asked to choose between women and careers. It is implied that they will achieve both. Men don’t live in fear that women will wake up and tell them they don’t love them anymore. I mean, that’s a generalization, but so is the concept of this quote in the first place. Women shouldn’t live in fear that men will wake up and tell them they don’t love them anymore. They also shouldn’t live in fear that they could lose a job. These things admittedly do happen, but that is no reason to sacrifice the possibility of finding a good relationship or a solid job. Anything worthwhile comes with risks, and so it seems natural that in making choices in life you might come to a road where things could go wrong. But that’s okay, because it’s normal.

So, women, here is my advice: follow men and follow your dreams. You deserve both, and not only that, you can have both.


What is Dragging Me?

“I am unhappy because I am not perfect. I want to be better than everyone else. I want to be unique and I do not know that I am unique! I want to be unique by being “better” – this is a false premise. This feeling keeps me in a state of tension which I seem to enjoy. As long as I enjoy this tension, I cannot be creative. Use the tension instead of enjoying it. Go through the pain rather than sitting on it for truly creative productivity.

I have to make a greater effort to take better care of myself beginning with my body and my eating habits.

*I don’t like where I’m at now (that I’m not perfect) and instead I want to be there (God State) now. I don’t want to work for this because I know deep down inside that I never can be God-like, so, though I don’t give up, I never work really for what I can do – namely MY BEST. And this way I get into the comparing state which is Death because as soon as I start to compare myself I lose my uniqueness. I can only do mine and what is in me and the more I know myself, this self will then come out in my work.”

— a poster hanging up in the office.

Las Vegas


Things that were said during my vacation to Las Vegas:

(a 6’3″ woman with broad shoulders walks by)
1: Is that a man?
2: No, it’s a woman.
me: No, she’s definitely a tranny. I have an eye for trannies.
(I proceed to run into a small woman in front of me.)
2: Yeah, but not an eye for people in front of you.

hooker on the phone: Girl, listen to me. I’m going to help you out. The sluttier you are, the more money you make. Period.

1: I like the intercourses they give you at dinner.
(referring to the small dishes they give out at fancy restaurants)

me: I’m pretty sure she was a hooker.
1: No, she wasn’t, it’s Tuesday night. Why would she be turning tricks?
2: Well, the one thing I can say for myself is at least no one confuses me for a prostitute.
1: Unless you were in Iraq

(guy takes forever to play his hand)
blackjack dealer: Come on, are you going to play like a man?
guy: Excuse me! What if I want to play like a woman? You are a woman. I think women can play blackjack quite well, thank you! I think, in fact, I would prefer to play like a woman. So no, I won’t be playing like a man. I’m going to play like a woman.

These were probably only funny in context, or because I might have been drunk at the time.

Las Vegas, overall, was fun. I had hoped to find it a little more inspiring.

Things I learned:

1. Prostitution is not as great as it might seem.
2. Mixed drinks are not very strong at all in Las Vegas.
3. If the dealer has a low card, you wait for them to bust.
4. You can lose a lot of money really quickly playing slots.
5. Gambling, in general, is not a winning proposition.
6. Mojitos are probably still the best.
7. Couples in the rest of the country include hot girls and hot guys, but never at the same time.
8. I would be a terrible casino entrepreneur.
9. Some people are rich (and reckless).
10. Jon Gosselin denies everything.

(I didn’t really have 10 things.)