I want to keep writing but I’m blank right now.

You’ve had to acknowledge your deepest insecurities recently, which may have left you feeling rather vulnerable and exposed. We can only change what we acknowledge and in welcoming “in” the truth, you’re actually liberating yourself to experience a deeper surrender. Be in no denial about that which needs healing.You have nothing to fear and your dream of deeper intimacy or greater financial solvency are not a far fetched dream. Nor do you have to give up on your personal dreams to please another. As you evolve to an understanding of your own power and worth. You can ask for what you want and need without feeling guilty. If you keep a open dialogue you are more than likely to increase your level of trust. Giving you a firm footing as you start over with a deeply intimate or financial situation. As the dust settles, there’s a sweeter hope dawning.



Today I thought that it has been a significant amount of time since I have written anything significant. And by significant I mean satirical. And by satirical I mean retarded.

SO then, one thing lead to another, and I decided I would write about how the 90s were probably the worst decade ever. Everyone in the 90s was ugly (except me, I was really cute because I called my grandma, Cathy, “Taty” instead of “Grandma”). Also, on top of everyone being ugly, everyone had horrible fashion sense.

However, in doing my research on the horrible fashion of the 90s, I came across this site:

90s fashion

And then I realized that someone had essentially already written the exact same article I intended to (except with a positive spin). So then I thought, oh, fuck it.

So instead here are ten random thoughts that occurred to me today that have nothing to do with anything at all and will therefore never actually get me a book deal:

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Cancer Horoscope 9/15/09

Your Lovescope – Today, September 15, 2009

You usually prefer to spin your own stories, rather than get them out of books. Today you may have to resort to talking about some of the things you learned at college in order to get a date with that very fascinating person. Don’t worry, you basically just have to demonstrate that you have a brain, not how well you can use it.

So, basically, “Hey! You know how you’re kind of retarded? Sometimes guys like smart girls. Act like you know what the fuck you’re talking about for once. Don’t worry, guys don’t want you to be that smart, so it doesn’t really matter if you can apply knowledge to practical situations, so long as you can just fake it a little.”


Cancer Horoscope/Drunk Yoga

My horoscope this week: The coming week will be prime time to perform minor miracles without trying too hard. You’ll probably have maximum success if you refrain from hoping and worrying about achieving maximum success. The cosmic currents will be likely to bend and shape themselves to accommodate your deeper needs if you proceed on the assumption that they know, better than your little ego does, what’s best for you. To get yourself in the proper frame of mind to do challenging tasks without expending strenuous effort, you might want to check out this photo spread of people practicing drunk yoga.


Drunk yoga seems like the kind of exercise I can finally be good at.