Jessica “Jdog” Cabot


Jessica Cabot is an aspiring person. Jessica developed her passion for being a person at the age of birth, when she first got herself into this predicament. Since then she has studied under various other persons, at different places, and is now pursuing her dream of being a person professionally. She is not an alcoholic, despite her affinity for mojitos. This is just a coincidence. Cabs has done a lot of impressive stuff. Her accomplishments include learning at fancy schools, working at important places, and probably winning some awards. She also enjoys burritos. Jdog invites you to read this blog, which is her musings on a bunch of things.


6 thoughts on “Jessica “Jdog” Cabot

  1. Hi Shawn,

    I’m sorry I’m responding to this months later! Oops!

    Unfortunately, I don’t believe I was your student, as I’ve never had a Mr. Chen. However, thank you, I appreciate your appreciation!

  2. Hi Jessica. If you really want to know what The Urantia Book is about, check out I started this project five years ago to document how new discoveries and scientific advances increasingly support The Urantia Book’s account of planetary history. The book has a very unique and emerging quality of credibility. Don’t let the “aliens” thing scare you off. It’s just another way of saying the universe is inhabited and organized and interconnected, i.e. God does have a plan and the universe is teaming with all kinds of life.

    In harmony,

  3. Jessica,
    I thoroughly enjoyed your thoughts on LA, and I concur. You perfectly put in to words what I’ve always failed to express so succinctly as you have.
    Enjoyed reading some your other ironical & very entertaining posts.
    Keep at it, all the best!


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