Blog Post #1 – A Blog Post A Day

Apparently if you want to be a writer you’re supposed to write everyday, and it has come to my attention that I have no excuse for not doing so. As such, I decided I’m going to write a blog post everyday. Will they all be good? Probably. I’m very talented and hilarious so I fully expect to knock all of these out of the park. Not to mention, I have great opinions and ideas and so I imagine that those who are privy to read my thoughts will also benefit immensely. This world could use more Jessica Cabot and I’ve been selfishly denying everyone of my presence for way too long.


I’m very excited about this resolution, particularly because it is now August and not January. Fuck January. August has always been my favorite month. It is also the only month without any significant holidays, and I find this to be no coincidence… no obligations or expectations.


And you know what? Shiit. While I’m at it I might as well tweet everyday too. Remember when I used to do that, guys? Yeah. 2014 starts now. B-)


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