This Seal


I want to write a live multi-cam sitcom called “This Seal” and the premise is that a seal lives with a family and wreaks havoc and instigates hilarious mishaps and misunderstandings and the catch phrase for everyone is “This Seal!” 

“Can you believe This Seal?”

“I mean seriously, This Seal.”

“This Seal, amirite?”

“Who does This Seal think he is!?”

“So I was walking down the street and I run into This Seal, right…”

“He’s just This Seal I’m seeing.”

“That’s so This Seal.”

“Check out the tits on This Seal…”

“Oh, just This Seal.” 

“Don’t pull a This Seal!”

“This Seal over here thinks he’s a real charmer.”

“Hey, has anyone else heard about This Seal?”

“Well I tell ya, This Seal!”



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