Women of History I’d Pass On

Not too long ago I created a list of the top 10 chicks in Hollywood I’d totally bone if I were a dude.

What follows is a list of famous women from history I definitely wouldn’t want to fuck if I were a dude, unless maybe I got blackout drunk or someone dared me to:

10. Queen Victoria

9. Frida Kahlo

8. Mary Todd Lincoln

7. Georgia O’Keeffe

6. Susan B. Anthony

5. Agatha Christie

4. Marie Curie

3. Yoko Ono

2. Catherine the Great

1. Beatrix Potter


5 thoughts on “Women of History I’d Pass On

  1. I know that you made this post three years ago, but wow, I’m astonished at your superficiality and vanity. Listen, you had some funny ones up there, and I agree that Queen Victoria, Catherine the Great, and Mrs. Lincoln weren’t the prettiest ladies around. With that said though, I find it incredibly sad and upsetting if you think that being pretty is an accomplishment. Dude, Marie Curie, Frida Kahlo, Georgia O’Keefe?? These women made incredible contributions to civilization and culture. And for the record, those three were beautiful women, especially in their younger years (and without makeup no less.) Did you not feel a shred of irony or guilt when you made an “I’d Pass” list that included the first woman to win the Nobel Prize? Hmm, what would I rather achieve? Change humanity’s understanding of the nature of reality OR look really hot at the bar so some fratty bro takes me home and fucks me in his apartment complex’s hot tub? What have you contributed to the world besides a few worthless blog posts that tell the world, “I’m a TMZ-watching, empty headed girl who’ll probably never contribute anything truly meaningful to the world!” Please understand, I’m not saying that that’s who you are, but that’s what your above list is saying you are. Judging from your post, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you probably spend a lot of time on your appearance, and you probably consider yourself attractive. Well, congratulations- you’re a pretty girly girl. Georgia O’Keefe and Frida Kahlo were fucking BADASSES. I’d much rather be in their camp. I’m sorry to be so blunt, but when you put something like this up on the internet, you’re opening yourself up to these kind of comments. I sincerely hope that in the past three years you’ve come around and learned to respect women (and yourself!) as more than objects whose sole purpose is to look good and catch male attention. Listen, I wear makeup, I try to look good, but that doesn’t define me. First and foremost, I define myself as a “human being,” then a woman. I believe my main purpose in life is to learn as much as I can about the world and then try to contribute something to it. I am way more than an object that shits out babies and gives my boyfriend a place to stick his dick. You are, too.

    1. Hi Caylan,

      Thanks for reading my blog. I’m sorry the intent of my post was misunderstood via the lack of intonation provided on the Internet. I agree that Queen Victoria, Catherine the Great, Frida Kahlo, etc. etc. were all amazing, inspiring, world-changing women. I respect, admire, and hope to emulate them all. I also completely agree that women shouldn’t be judged on their physical appearance as a testament to their value. In fact, that’s why I made this post in the first place. To me it was an ironic commentary on how we value and view women in our society and how we’re completely willing to overlook their great accomplishments and instead focus directly on looks. I might suggest not taking things so literally in the future, especially since, I think if you read my blog or understood my tone, you’d realize that I’m a feminist myself (I’ve written a few feminist rants on here) as well as completely sarcastic (hence this one).

      Best of luck to you, but please understand that there’s no need to explain how wonderful and, indeed, sexy these women were to me. I’m just sorry you missed out on the joke.


    2. I just wanted to say, I’m so sorry for being so harsh. I get very upset when I see misogyny on the internet from girls and guys, but I don’t think your intent was to be misogynistic. You seem like a really nice girl who likes cats (me too!) and I hope you can forgive me for being too intense. I just hope that you understand that some of these women did absolutely incredible things (especially Frida, Georgia and Marie,) and it looks rather petty to brush aside all their accomplishments just because they don’t fit into our “modern” idea of beauty. I’m sure you didn’t mean to come across as sexist or misogynistic, and I’m sorry that I responded in a way that suggests you did. Sorry this is all coming out of left field from a post you did three years ago! Huge apologies for my strong language and wish you the best going forward.

      1. I wish you the best as well! And I’m glad you care so much about supporting women and stopping misogyny! the world needs more people to care like you do 😉

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