I Love Katy Perry

Well, love is a strong word. I don’t know that I’d take Katy Perry out to dinner and a movie. (I would take Britney.) Maybe just an extended night of drinks at the bar. I’m still very fond of her though.

Mostly I don’t have any particularly strong opinions about Katy Perry, except that I have a tendency to type out “Pretty” when writing her last name, and I think she’s a fun girl. Isn’t that really all you’re supposed to think about Katy Perry though? That’s she’s fun? I think that’s the point. I think a lot of people are overthinking her.

And thus, here is my post where I overthink the fact that I don’t (usually) overthink Katy Perry’s existence, and how I notice that some other people do seem to overthink it.

I’ve been advised by many friends, men and women alike, to not enjoy Katy Perry nor her music.

Reasons for disliking her seem to extend to:

1. There’s a song called “Ur so gay” which is potentially offensive to gay people.

2. She tries too hard / is obnoxious.

3. She does shit like this (maybe this is the same as point 2):

4. I don’t know why you’d hate Katy Perry, honestly. You tell me. Her music isn’t that good?

5. Something about feminism and how she isn’t.

Here are my responses to these potential reasons.

1. Gay people love Katy Perry.

2. Like Lady Gaga doesn’t try too hard and isn’t actually worse? (I think people who dislike Katy Perry are usually fine with Lady Gaga, as far as I can tell.)

3. I think that’s awesome.

4. Her music is catchy as hell and she doesn’t even write it so who are we to really analyze her merits as a songwriter? Don’t even get into all that bullshit about how lame it is that she doesn’t write her own music. Of course she doesn’t! What do you people expect from this industry!? Talent!?!?!?! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WHY DO YOU HATE KATY PERRY I HONESTLY DON’T GET IT!

5. I am a staunch feminist (search this blog for angry/ranty posts about feminist issues! There are plenty!) but it is also widely true that, “girls just want to have fun.” And who embraces the concept of fun more than Katy Perry? Therefore, isn’t Katy Perry’s quest for fun really kind of feminist in that she is just a girl living her life, being herself, and not giving a shit about what other people think about her?

Here are the reasons I adore her:


a) Her retard voice is AMAZING.

b) This video is fucking hilarious.

c) This song is so catchy.

d) I want to go to that party.

e) Rebecca Black is adorably awful and it’s funny.


2. For as outrageous and insane as she is, and for as “hard as she might try,” I’m pretty sure Katy Perry is probably one of the least political pop stars I can think of, save possibly Britney Spears? Like when is the last time anyone really heard Katy Perry have a strong opinion about something? Am I wrong? I am tired of hearing Lady Gaga tell me things about how to be a woman or how to be a person or how to have a career or how to blah blah blah. I really honestly don’t want my pop stars to blather the world with uninspired statements that become overblown out of proportion just because of their visibility. Like, none of these girls are really especially smart, but that was never the point. So I just appreciate that Katy Perry, in a way, ISN’T trying to hard. She’s just like, “hey I’m a girl singing shit producers tell me to sing and having fun doing it.” Message? What message?

3. Oh my god I love her retard voice. (“MY SOLAR SYSTEM WAS OFF OF THE POST!”)

4. SHE’S FUN! Seriously, let’s not overthink this. There really isn’t a lot to think about. And that’s what I don’t get. There’s not really a lot I can say to explain why I love Katy Perry, because it’s like, she just exists and does stuff and it’s entertaining. That’s the entertainment industry. It has no implicit value beyond just being FUN. Why can’t that be enough sometimes? Why does everything have to mean something? Why can’t we be retarded 13 year olds wearing headgears who, through hilarious happenstance, go to a hybrid 1980s/2011 party? Why am I defending Katy Perry?


2 thoughts on “I Love Katy Perry

  1. OMFG YES! I fucking love Katy Perry more than absolutely anything else (Yes, I would take her out to a dinner and a movie and anything else she enjoys) and would kill to have her. She’s downright incredible. Russell Brand has to be the luckiest bastard alive- he married the world’s perfect girl. She can do so much better than him though….. she could marry me instead!! Her music IS catchy (and fun) as hell and I just adore everything about her. It really fucking upsets me when I see people insult her or call her untalented or ugly. THEY HAVE NO BRAINS D:<!!! Go Katy <3!!!!

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