Conversations From Work #2

INT. NBC Page Office

JESSICA CABOT sits at a computer. She blows her nose. A GIRL observes this.

Girl: Oh, Jessica are you sick?

Jessica: Oh, yeah, I’ve been sick for a while…

Girl: OH. GOD. Don’t get close to me. I mean, stay over there. My birthday is this Friday. I don’t want to get sick on my birthday.
I’m going to Paris for my birthday. My boyfriend is taking me.


INT. NBC Page Office

The same girl with the birthday sits at her computer. She looks up to make a comment.

Girl: Jessica, your page uniform fits you really well.

Jessica: Thanks.

Girl: Really, it fits your body so well. What size is your jacket?

Jessica: Um, a four.

Girl: Oh. A four? Let me see what size jacket I have.

The girl RUNS to her locker. She checks the size of her jacket. She runs back into the office.

Girl:  Oh! I have a size two! Oh my god my size two is just so big on me. You’re so lucky that your jacket fits you so well! Mine is a size two and it’s HUGE.

Jessica: I guess I’m fatter than you.


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