Tom Hanks

I really fucking love Tom Hanks.

Aside from the obvious (he’s amazing), Tom Hanks is actually perfect. First, he really deserves his reputation for being the best actor ever, and I am just surprised he didn’t win ever Oscar ever. Also, he just seems like a really nice guy. Like, a SUPER NICE GUY. Like, ohmyfuckinggodhowareyoupossiblysuchagreathumanbeing? Third, he’s hilarious, and is willing to do things like stick his head in a dry cleaning bag and struggle to get out. I can’t find photos of this occurrence, and it is currently one of my biggest regrets.

The thing about Tom Hanks is… I wish I were him. Not even in the high-paid, award-winning, rich actor sense. More in the… I can’t believe he is so perfect and good to everyone sense and I wish I were that good of a person too. What!? How does he manage this? How can one person be so charismatic, charming, endearing, and otherwise enchanting? It would almost seem unfair, except he is so fucking good that all I can do is love him and rent all of his movies.

What would Tom Hanks do?

Probably win two Oscars.


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