My 2 Year Old Sister is Ridiculous

Mom: And then what happened? Did the caterpillar turn into a butterfly?
Hope: Yeah
Mom: What do you call that? Do you know?
Hope: I don’t know. Metamorphosis, I guess.


Magic Castle was Magical

This post is just about how great my life is. Because I have a great boyfriend who has an awesome magician roommate, in addition to cool friends with birthdays, I got to go to the Magic Castle in Hollywood. This means I have pretty much accomplished every single life goal I had at the ripe age of 21. (Other goals included going to Club 33 and being famous, which I was for 5 seconds.)

I don’t know what it is about magic, the 60s, alcohol, cheesy garlic bread, attention to detail, and ghosts that I find so fascinating, but the Magic Castle had elements of them all. Everyone inside was classy and happy and talented. It reminded me of Las Vegas if Las Vegas wasn’t populated by prostitutes, or Disneyland if it wasn’t populated by small annoying children. Basically, this was the best version of hyperreality I have ever visited.

I guess I shouldn’t reveal too many details about the Castle, so as not to compromise it’s mystique. A magician never tells his secret, right?

In any case I’m kind of in love with this place, and I wish I were a magician so I could go again. I am sure being a magician would have other benefits, like impressing chicks. But the people I saw are so talented… I’m pretty sure it takes a lot of work and training to be a magician. It might also require some coordination. So, sigh. Maybe not in this lifetime for me. But I am now confident that magicians are a lot cooler than musicians. Yeah, I said it.