She’s Out Of My League

Obviously I don’t need to go into depth about how this is a retarded and offensive concept for a movie.

I dislike the idea of leagues, because what is a league? There is no way you could be objective about it, especially if the only criteria you are using to define said leagues is physical appearance. And then, if for some reason someone decides they are in a “better” league than me then suddenly I don’t “deserve” them? I hate the concept of “deserving” someone in relationships too. People aren’t objects, and I’m not entitled to them. They are their own person with their own life and beliefs and the only person they are “entitled” to answer to is themselves. If they want to share their life with another person, or me, then that’s their choice. I suppose if there is anything “deserved” in relationships it is kindness and respect, but since those things should be a given anyway I don’t see the point in relegating it to people who only meet the criteria of a particular “league.”

Like I hope I never hear someone say to anyone, “s/he is ugly and fat. They should be happy to take what they can get.”

But, on that note, the most frustrating thing about She’s Out Of My League isn’t necessarily the concept. I can see how “hollywood” feels like there is an equally retarded demographic out there who might go see this piece of shit (but hopefully there isn’t).

The frustrating thing is that this concept is based on “ratings.” Ok, fine, I can buy that premise. Admittedly some people are hotter than others. Admittedly some numbers are higher than others.

But I’m supposed to believe he’s a “5” (middle of the road), and she’s a perfect “10” (can’t be any better)? I’m sorry, but despite this dude’s knack for making goofy, awkward faces, he’s probably not completely average. He’s at least attractive enough to be in a movie, and to be honest if he seems unattractive it is probably no different than how Anne Hathaway seemed “unattractive” in The Princess Diaries.

If I saw these two walking hand in hand I would not do a double take for one millisecond. I would think, if anything, “there goes a pretty normal looking couple walking down the street.” I DEFINITELY wouldn’t think “how did he get her?” and I have thought that before, I’ll confess. But for a movie where the entire premise relies on evoking that question… shouldn’t this guy be uglier?

And shouldn’t she be “prettier”? She is pretty. She looks wholesome. But like, for something as cliched as this movie I would expect a woman as cliched as Megan Fox. I’ve been culturally conditioned by this industry to think of women with big boobs and porn star looks to be “10s”. So, then, this piece of shit movie, coming from the very people who told me to think of Megan Fox as perfect, should at least have Megan Fox! Or some equivalent. I mean I guess a part of me feels like if you are going to come out with an offensive premise for a movie then you should at least commit to it instead of trying to downplay its offensiveness with approachable actors. Like, the fact that you don’t feel comfortable casting a hooters girl says something about the fact that maybe this movie shouldn’t have been made in the first place.

Maybe this will all be explained in the movie somehow so I can stop suspending my disbelief. I’ll never find out because I won’t go see it. But like, maybe we learn that personalities are what count, and that ratings and leagues go deeper than looks. Nonetheless, that’s not the message I personally receive when I look at their promotional website in which hot girls are rated and receive comments from lonely, bored men about how much they want to bone them.

In conclusion:

Really, you thought this would be a good idea?

and then,

Ok, you thought it was a good idea. But you aren’t even bothering to have your shitty idea reach its full potential. Stop wasting my time!


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