I want to keep writing but I’m blank right now.

You’ve had to acknowledge your deepest insecurities recently, which may have left you feeling rather vulnerable and exposed. We can only change what we acknowledge and in welcoming “in” the truth, you’re actually liberating yourself to experience a deeper surrender. Be in no denial about that which needs healing.You have nothing to fear and your dream of deeper intimacy or greater financial solvency are not a far fetched dream. Nor do you have to give up on your personal dreams to please another. As you evolve to an understanding of your own power and worth. You can ask for what you want and need without feeling guilty. If you keep a open dialogue you are more than likely to increase your level of trust. Giving you a firm footing as you start over with a deeply intimate or financial situation. As the dust settles, there’s a sweeter hope dawning.


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