What is Dragging Me?

“I am unhappy because I am not perfect. I want to be better than everyone else. I want to be unique and I do not know that I am unique! I want to be unique by being “better” – this is a false premise. This feeling keeps me in a state of tension which I seem to enjoy. As long as I enjoy this tension, I cannot be creative. Use the tension instead of enjoying it. Go through the pain rather than sitting on it for truly creative productivity.

I have to make a greater effort to take better care of myself beginning with my body and my eating habits.

*I don’t like where I’m at now (that I’m not perfect) and instead I want to be there (God State) now. I don’t want to work for this because I know deep down inside that I never can be God-like, so, though I don’t give up, I never work really for what I can do – namely MY BEST. And this way I get into the comparing state which is Death because as soon as I start to compare myself I lose my uniqueness. I can only do mine and what is in me and the more I know myself, this self will then come out in my work.”

— a poster hanging up in the office.


2 thoughts on “What is Dragging Me?

  1. i didn’t write it so i can’t say exactly what it’s supposed to mean. for me it just sort of sums up the human condition. maybe i am too cynical.

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