I haven’t been writing at all; evident by the fact I haven’t been writing in this at all.

Several things of note have happened in the past month, which I will currently write about getting around to writing about them some day:

1. I saw The Princess and the Frog.
2. I saw it again.
3. I saw Up in the Air.
4. I saw it again.
5. I made fake resolutions for next year.
6. I thought about this year.
7. I saw The Lovely Bones.
8. I cried.
9. I laughed (at the Susan Sarandon parts).
10. I baked cookies.


or not.


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One response to “Oops!”

  1. Anoush says :

    You saw movies more than once in the movie theater? Not a bad thing, just wanted to be sure.

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