Less Ill

I feel less ill. The sniffles are down considerably, and the sore throat is completely gone; sayonara mono!

Since becoming less ill I have actually done things that do not involve couches. I can’t say that I’ve started to eat anything that isn’t soup, but so far this seems to be a clever weight loss strategy. (The weight loss is countered by the fact that I still eat a bag of cough drops everyday. 15 calories a drop adds up pretty quickly.)

Accomplishments have included:

  • Auditioning for a UCB Harold Team and not getting a callback.
  • Purchasing a new business suit for the off chance I become a career woman someday.
  • Watching Sentimental Lady and thinking about how my boss wants me to date a Vassar grad.
  • Taking a nap because I had a bad headache.

Oh, well, I guess illness still has me in its clutches. But I swear it’s losing its grip. Everyday. Tomorrow I even plan on going into work.

Speaking of work, the quest to google the class of ’85 continues.

It seems that in addition to being a lawyer or a doctor, my career options include marrying John C. Riley. And hey, I just started with the Ds, who knows what other possibilities are out there.

In the future I will write a review of Up in the Air, and possibly write a list of things I want for Christmas that will probably just be pictures of beagles. Stay tuned!


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