I haven’t been writing at all; evident by the fact I haven’t been writing in this at all.

Several things of note have happened in the past month, which I will currently write about getting around to writing about them some day:

1. I saw The Princess and the Frog.
2. I saw it again.
3. I saw Up in the Air.
4. I saw it again.
5. I made fake resolutions for next year.
6. I thought about this year.
7. I saw The Lovely Bones.
8. I cried.
9. I laughed (at the Susan Sarandon parts).
10. I baked cookies.


or not.


Weird Week.

For having been out of commission for so long, this week has been sufficiently weird.

Mostly it seems that I have learned an important life lesson in how to go with the flow while having faith in the future. What!? Crazy, I know. Several things didn’t “happen” and yet I felt at peace with all outcomes. On top of this, I maintained a sense of optimism that those things would “happen” when the time was right. Yeah. I know, right? Fucking crazy. I must be like an adult now or something.

The other thing was that connections were found between my past and present via Facebook. Which confirms that my life would be meaningless without this social networking tool. I am a sucker for “coincidences” and ties of these sorts. Everything happens for a reason? Six degrees of separation? Small world? YEAH. Fuck yeah. It all comes full circle. I guess.

Overall this week has felt like the conclusion to insanity and the introduction to a new-found, self-assured Jdog. Goodbye baggage from this year and last! I have purchased new luggage and now know how to pack more efficiently. I won’t be carrying around unnecessary hair dryers and bitches anymore. George Clooney has effectively thrown the pillows and trauma into the trash can. From now on I’m traveling on this journey with only essential business suits and confidence. The list of approved co-pilots is impressive and reliable. I’m excited to reach my future destinations, but I’m also looking forward to the ride because I hear I’ve been upgraded to business class. I really liked the salted nuts.

Less Ill

I feel less ill. The sniffles are down considerably, and the sore throat is completely gone; sayonara mono!

Since becoming less ill I have actually done things that do not involve couches. I can’t say that I’ve started to eat anything that isn’t soup, but so far this seems to be a clever weight loss strategy. (The weight loss is countered by the fact that I still eat a bag of cough drops everyday. 15 calories a drop adds up pretty quickly.)

Accomplishments have included:

  • Auditioning for a UCB Harold Team and not getting a callback.
  • Purchasing a new business suit for the off chance I become a career woman someday.
  • Watching Sentimental Lady and thinking about how my boss wants me to date a Vassar grad.
  • Taking a nap because I had a bad headache.

Oh, well, I guess illness still has me in its clutches. But I swear it’s losing its grip. Everyday. Tomorrow I even plan on going into work.

Speaking of work, the quest to google the class of ’85 continues.

It seems that in addition to being a lawyer or a doctor, my career options include marrying John C. Riley. And hey, I just started with the Ds, who knows what other possibilities are out there.

In the future I will write a review of Up in the Air, and possibly write a list of things I want for Christmas that will probably just be pictures of beagles. Stay tuned!


This couch and I have become especially familiar over the past week +. We’ve known each other for a long time already — years. But now I can safely say I know what this couch is up to at all hours of the day and night.

Mostly, it is becoming difficult to fathom life outside of a couch. I’ve managed to be a little productive here, doing some work stuff that could be accomplished lying on my back (reading a script). It seems that there is no career to be made of having mono though. The good news is, there isn’t really too much mono left. My body has almost decided its had its fill and is ready to move on and do shit.

The doing shit aspect is almost daunting now. Things that were once routine are now far away from this couch, a world that for days I have only glimpsed through the TV.

I need to get out more.