Turns out I am very ill and have been for a while. Oops! Right now I feel sick and miserable and if I have any sort of contact with other human beings it seems I can make them sick and miserable too. The truth is, my life has probably always been this way, except now the ailments are more physical.

I’m wondering if there is a way to start over and make friends and connections that do not know I have mono. I sort of feel like I must have ruined it with the other ones. I haven’t had human contact in about eight days, aside from family that is forced to provide a roof and soup for me. Isn’t eight days about the same time you forget people in? I think so.

Plus, I probably need to find people who I don’t care about a lot or who don’t care about themselves so I can make out with them and give them my mono.

I have no idea how I got this. It’s only slightly miserable, really. I do love soup and toast and movies and sleep. I pretty much love those things more than anything else, in fact. Maybe I have it too good. But either way, I sort of hope everything is okay. With everyone else and health and stuff. Yeah.


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