Speaking of Google…

I should also mention that part of the reason why I made a blog post at all is because, in googling so much today, I realized that when you google me this blog does not appear as high up as it should in the search results. My twitter is the first thing, which is ridiculous, because my twitter is retarded. And after my twitter is some blind girl who can sing well, which is retarded because she isn’t me.

So, hey, here’s an idea. These are the top ten things people googled in the US today:

1. overton window
2. marv albert 50 cent
3. vince flynn
4. buzzport
5. carmike cinemas
6. malco theaters
7. justin bieber roosevelt field mall
8. tappy phillips
9. black friday 2009 ads
10. blorenge

What the fuck are any of those and what the fuck do they mean? No wonder I’m not getting a book deal. I can’t even anticipate America’s need to know about pertinent topics like Tappy Philips.


One thought on “Speaking of Google…

  1. Interesting post. I have a review of Overton’s Window, the political theory, on my blog that might interest you.

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