Pirate Radio

I also saw this movie this weekend, and it was also good. It made me distinctly aware of the mistakes I’ve made in my life. Specifically, I did not decide to be born in 1950 in the UK. If instead of choosing the year ’88 in the suburbs of Los Angeles I had made the more appropriate choice, then maybe I too could have been a part of a rebellious, sassy, and witty group of Brits on a boat.  Most likely I would have played the role of the lesbian who made toast, but that would have been fine by me. I sort of wish cultural change and protest had the same panache it did back in the day. Now if you speak up about issues you are most likely some annoying person in an outdoor mall pestering people for money. But back in the ’60s it was all about music and being cool and beautiful and advocating a world of peace and freedom. And, on a boat???

Also, this is the bazillionth wonderful thing Richard Curtis has contributed to our cultural lexicon of British Comedy. I wish I could be him. However, again, this would have required being born at a different time in a different place, which were choices I failed to make. He’s funny and poignant and smart. I mean, he made Love Actually. While, Pirate Radio might be no Love Actually it is still delightful and fun. I actually cared about the characters in the end, which is not something I can usually say. Oh, I don’t know. British people are funny, and that’s it.


One thought on “Pirate Radio

  1. I often regret my decision to arrive in ’88 in the city of Lima, as well. I thought it would be a great place to be raised as a child, you know, playing outside with neighboors, participating in block parties and parades where there was a real sense of community. But looking back at it now, I may never know what I missed in 50’s era UK. I suppose some decisions you can’t reverse… Thanks for the thought provoking analysis!

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