Okay, picture this. It’s a cross between Rosemary’s Baby and Transformers.

Oh, you haven’t seen Rosemary’s Baby? Ok, then… but you’ve seen lesbian porn right?

Yeah, it’s essentially the same concept.

Okay, so it’s a cross between lesbian porn and Transformers.

We open up on an idyllic meadow with yellow daises and a bright, clear, blue, sparsely clouded sky.

Wait for it… No, wait for it…

BAM! Robots.

Good, right?

Rose is a sexy forty-something cougar with long luscious locks of mouse brown and piercing green eyes who is…

Okay, fine, Rose is a hot, young, fresh, twenty year old bombshell with a gold platinum mane and the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. Yeah, ok, good. Blonde Megan Fox.

No, I really don’t think it’s a problem that Megan Fox was in Transformers too. No, this is the stuff she was born to play. Yeah, no, it’s a hot combo. Yeah. Get it? People like what they know, and people like Megan Fox.

Ok, so Rose, played by blonde Megan Fox, is looking for the man of her dreams when robots invade. She meets Lucicon…

Yeah, Lucicon. Like if the devil were a robot. Get it? Ok. Good.

Ok. So Rose is hesitant at first. She kind of gets that Lucicon is no good, but you know, girls like bad boys, so she’s enticed by him and agrees to go to his planet…

CGI. Yeah. Big effects. Maybe at some point we can do a flashback to when Lucicon was a human.

No, in this world, robots are fallen people. It’s religious symbolism. Well, don’t worry about it, we’ll get Vin Diesel to play human-Lucicon.

Anyway, Robot Lucicon takes Rose back to his planet, but drugs her on the way there. Then he fucks her. It’s a really impassioned scene in which Rose is tied down to a sort of alien operating table while robot Lucicon fucks her. Lucicon will look like Vin Diesel in this scene.

Yeah. Really hot.

Blonde Megan Fox will start to hallucinate about Lucicon’s huge dick, and we’ll intersperse it with closeups of her tits.

No, it’s not rape. It’s like Rosemary’s Baby. See. That’s the connection. It’s a classic tale retold. She gets pregnant with a half-robot baby. In fact, it’s like uhhh… she’s the Virgin Mary. See? Religious symbolism. That shit sells.

The lesbian porn? Well, when we get to Act 2 Rose has a change of heart. You know, here she is, responsible for the life of the new robot savior, and she symbolically cuts off all her hair.

Well, I know, but there’s something crazy sexy about chicks who go insane and shave their heads. I mean, Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta, am I right? Yeah I am.

Okay, but, we can’t have Megan Fox looking like a hot dyke without boning some women, so she does. This is the part of the film where she grows as a character and learns things about herself.

Revelation? Yeah. It’s that. She does it with Scarlett Johansson who she met at a seedy space bar during desperate times.

Yeah. Scarlett is an alien babe. She also helps Megan Fox learn to accept her destiny and her heart.

So Lucicon eventually gets the robot baby. Yeah. Megan and Scarlett have more impassioned sex scenes but Lucicon, jealous with rage, fucks then kills Scarlett. It’ll be really intense, but good.

You know, but that’s all in Act 3. I still have some ideas we need to hash out, obviously.

Oh, good, so you like it? Great. I’ll e-mail you a copy of my latest draft and let you have a look over it just so you have a feel for the impassioned dialogue.

Great, good. I’m so glad you like it.

Six figures? Great! But, this is a pretty original idea, can I have my agent talk to you about seven?


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