Human Nature — Flawed

This is not directed at any particular person at all. Instead, it seems appropriate to target everyone (including myself).

I don’t really get it, or at least, I don’t understand how we can be as self-aware as we are as a species and still act like douchebags and retards on a consistent basis.

Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so. – Douglas Adams

Whenever someone treats me poorly and makes snide, rude comments at my expense in front of my face as though I am too stupid to understand that they are insulting me, my rational response is never to absorb what they say and take it personally (emotionally this might be a different story). Instead, I always wonder what the fuck about them has made them so insecure as to project their own self-hatred onto me. And I don’t say this to be arrogant, but only because I can recognize it in myself. The main reason I dislike Ellen Page, as I have mentioned before, is because I feel like she is successfully playing the archetype girl that I thought I thought of first while I sort of sit around not being in movies as a precocious teen. It’s jealousy, primarily.

Jealousy and bitterness are not flattering traits, however, and so it is usually best to ignore them or suffocate them as best as possible. It’s a lesson I hope I’ve learned sufficiently. I am sure I have my moments of weakness in which maybe I am not on my best behavior. I’ll allow a little room for error in anyone. Sometimes we just can’t help it. Especially if drunk.

Lately though, I’ve been seeing it a lot. I’ve noticed a lot of people treating other people like shit. It’s gotten to the point where I can “feel” the negative energy in the room. Not to say that psychic aura bullshit is true, but just that if there is so much insecurity, jealousy, bitterness, and competitive survival-of-the-fittest attitude surrounding me that it begins to affect my actions too. It’s difficult to maintain a positive, optimistic attitude in the face of people who want to eat you for breakfast. You wouldn’t do that around sharks, for sure. And people are sharks, as George Clooney astutely observed in a trailer for a movie that looks good.

It doesn’t confuse me so much why we act this way as humans. I understand that we all want to be “the best” because that ensures survival and the respect of our peers. I understand that those who pose a threat to us are difficult to befriend because technically they are our nemesis. Human nature itself is flawed and easy to understand, because it’s who we all are on some varying degree.

What baffles me the most is how we can recognize our flaws and refuse or fail to correct them on any level. There seems to be a refusal to accept what we know about how we function in our interactions and to change those habits that create destructive patterns. I mean, part of the reason I try to treat people with respect is for entirely selfish reasons. Though I am most definitely a work in progress, I would rather seem confident and self-assured to people than insecure and bitter. Confidence will get their respect. Treating people cruelly and condescendingly will only serve to have them hate me, and in the end it is better to have your enemies as allies than … enemies.

Overall I’ve simplified the complexities of human emotions and interactions. There’s a lot more that goes into a person’s actions and beliefs than their biological instincts. But there is a pattern that I’ve seen in people, and I am really just insanely confused as to why so many of us continue to struggle and try and bring others down in the attempt at success. Why do we fight each other still? Why do we hate as readily as we do? Why do we judge? Why do we create our own misery, essentially? And then, for those who can see it, why don’t we stop?


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