Whip It


Alright, Whip It. Sure, your plot might have some cliches and be a bit predictable. Sure, some of your dialogue is kind of awkward and admittedly made me uncomfortable. Sure, you have Ellen Page.

But I liked you anyway. Because Drew Barrymore, you can do no wrong.

I went into this movie with mixed feelings. On one hand, I love Drew Barrymore. On the other, I mostly dislike Ellen Page, perhaps due to unconscious jealousy (but also because in an interview she said her favorite movie was 400 Blows, which it isn’t, because it’s no one’s favorite movie). So yeah. I guess there were things about it that were unremarkable. Like, a pool sex scene that basically epitomized the hipsters involved. Beautiful but completely impractical and contrived.

I still loved it though. Because I needed it. It was a movie about girls, but it wasn’t about girls dating men. And it wasn’t about girls like, being mothers. I don’t know. It was about girls being people. Or at least, I felt like it was. EW gave it this really bitter review and said mean shit like, “The movie is Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut, and it’s clear she’s more attuned to grrrlishness than real 
 athletic power: Smashley is the first to scream ”Food fight!” and the 34-year-old actress leads the charge in kidlike mayhem.” Fuck you Lisa Schwarzbaum, you old bitch. The movie was about GRRRRLISHness, although do you really have to call it that? It wasn’t about athletics. It was about being Ellen Page and feeling empowered about it.

I don’t know. As the movie went on it was hard not to enjoy it. And I left it feeling positive and validated. I guess it’s a chick flick, but it seemed like a much more tolerable one. I hope future movies targeted at women are a lot more like this. So is it a cinematic masterpiece? Probably not. But it is an outstanding example of how good movies don’t have to be about how he isn’t that into you. Weirdly, Drew was in that one too. Whatever. It undermines my point. Which is that Drew Barrymore can direct as many movies as she wants and it’d be fine by me, as long as she continues to make cute cameos.


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