Jon Gosselin Epidemic


I am going to say something controversial. Maybe there’s a book deal somewhere in that.

If you have not been living under a rock for the past couple months and/or if you have not yet discovered a way to shield yourself from the bombardment of gossipy media messages, then you probably know a thing or two about Jon Gosselin.

Here are some outstanding facts. Not outstanding as in highly impressive, but outstanding more like, “out of all the shit he’s done, these facts stand out the most.”

1. Had 8 kids.
2. Married, then later divorced “the bitch” who birthed those 8 kids.
3. Started dating a girl ten years his junior immediately upon the announcement of the divorce. Proclaimed it was love.
4. Cheated on new girl at least once, maybe several times with popular sluts such as Kate Major and The Nanny.
5. Wore ugly Ed Hardy shirts, then decided to contribute more ugly shirts to the world with the help of Christian Audigier.
6. Befriended Michael Lohan.
7. Made outrageous claims like, “[sic] I hope my kids find out that my girlfriend, who is only 10 years older than some of them, does pot and ecstasy and makes out with old men like me.”
8. Hosted a sleazy douchebag party in Las Vegas just to prove that he was an asshole.
9. Moved to New York to get away from his kids but then bitched about his lack of custody in an attempt to compensate for his poor fathering instincts.
10. Again, was a sleazy douchebag.

And, as you should probably also know, America has decided they hate this man. He is the epitome of stupid asshole who no one likes, I mean, right???

This is the controversial thing I will say. John Gosselin is certainly no Mother Theresa. However, aside from a lot of extreme circumstances, John Gosselin doesn’t strike me as much different than most of the assholes we all know and love in our individual lives. It’s just that the assholes in our own lives live under the radar and their douchiness is not broadcast ten times bigger than life via the media.

I think most guys, if presented with eight kids, would feel a little hesitant about the matter. I mean, I would feel uncomfortable about eight kids! Like, “OH JESUS CHRIST!” But then of course, if you do not love each of them equally and unconditionally then you are both a terrible parent and a huge asshole. I’m not saying those kids should be treated poorly just because there are so many of them. And I’m not saying that they don’t deserve the best chances and opportunities in life. Just pointing out that the parents are under a lot of pressure already, without adding a reality show deal into the mix.

So then Jon Gosselin gets wrapped up into it all. With the reality show deal. He seems passive at first. Just barely tolerating his existence in this family. But then finally things exploded.

He’s a 33 year old man who really never got a chance to get it out of his system. He never got to be a twenty-something douchebag. But unfortunately it’s true, a lot of us need to go through a lot of ridiculous phases in our twenties before we can come out of it as passable, stable adults. So he got a divorce. He found an out. I’m just saying, what he did was not so outrageous. Or maybe it was, but I don’t think he was alone in his choices. I think a lot of people, facing his circumstances, might have reacted in a similar manner. They might have taken up a 22 year old girlfriend and then fucked on the side. They also might have tried to create an image as a hard ass via the branding image of Ed Hardy.

I don’t really endorse Jon Gosselin, but I also think that maybe our media places us on a pedestal while they stone some unsuspecting, stupid quasi-celebrity citizen to death. Jon Gosselin could be almost anyone. Almost anyone could be as confused, stressed, and naive as he is and unknowingly create the sleazy-douchebag image of himself that he has. I can’t help but feel that maybe some of these facts are also a little exaggerated. And I can’t help but feel that hating people sells in this country. We love to stand around and gossip at the water cooler, “Can you believe what he/she said/did?”

So I don’t know. Jon Gosselin, certainly not a model citizen. But evil? Terrible? The worst? Maybe not. Maybe just a regular guy in some extreme circumstances who got the brunt of a really bad joke.


2 thoughts on “Jon Gosselin Epidemic

  1. I’m the guy living under the rock. I heard about this ridiculous show called ‘Kate & Jon + 8’ and immediately wanted it and all of it’s producers and watchers to die. Based solely on the proposed concept, name and openning sequence. This is really upsetting, not only because I hate hearing anything about this god forsaken show and it’s aftermath, but because I’m disgusted by reality tv shows with gimmicks that destroy families. For instance, if the show had run its course and I never heard about it until it was cancelled, I probably would have enjoyed it. But I feel like this is exactly what the show was hoping would happen. Freaks me out how everyone is an instant celebrity.

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