The Invention of Lying


I initially complained a lot about this movie after viewing it. I kept trying to identify inconsistencies and plot holes, perhaps just to prove that I can after years of script coverage. However, I actually really enjoyed it on the whole. It seemed liberating in some ways to be able to say whatever the fuck was on your mind to people. It gets tiring when your entire personality is based on insincere sarcasm. Fun at times, but overall a limited form of communication. Anyway, instead of a pointless review here are some unmitigated truths (or observations):

1. Sometimes asking irrelevant questions answers other questions that were not the one originally posed.
For example, Q: What is your favorite book? A: I’m a pretentious asshole.
In asking a question about a book, the character of the person being asked was revealed. This is a much more clever way to ask, “Are you a pretentious asshole?” than actually asking the question outright.

2. I complain about LA sometimes because it is easier to blame an entire city population for your problems rather than yourself. I complain about NY when I am there because it is easier to blame an entire city population for your problems rather than yourself.

3. When I eat M&Ms, I eat the brown ones first. Then I organize them in rainbow order. And then I eat them from red to blue, but I eat them so that there is always an equal number of each color, until I eventually only have one left of each color, and then I continue to eat them from red to blue. This is my most OCD habit.

4. Sometimes when I sit in my car I think of all the people who have been in it with me at one time or another. There seems to be a lot of history in it, dating back to people I’ll never talk to again. It is a significant factor in my hesitancy to get a new one even though it’s been having problems.

5. My little sister calls the kitchen the “chicken” and it makes me feel like she’s going to be smarter than me. Just because she is able to identify linguistic similarities at such a young age. And also because there is chicken in the kitchen.

6. I am always very aware when good things happen in patterns and in coincidental ways. It’s what makes me believe that everything happens for a reason. However, for a while, “bad stuff” was making me question the truth of this. Recently though, I have felt that even “bad stuff” seems to happen in patterns and coincidental ways, making me feel that everyone’s life has some sort of a “theme.”

7. I think I might think about things too much.

8. One time I heard that someone found me intimidating. I thought it was the adjective furthest from the way I would describe myself. It was weird.

9. A lot of people seem to think I am a vegetarian when they first meet me. It’s because I eat a lot of veggie burgers and meatless things. I only do it to be thin. Occasionally I’ll eat a steak just to prove I’m not; I’m morally against vegetarianism just because to me it represents a self-righteous and pretentious attitude.

10. It just occurred to me that the truths and observations should have actually been about The Invention of Lying, but I guess it’s too late now that I’ve already written everything else.


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