The More You Know!

I normally don’t accept comments from people I don’t know personally, just because I don’t know them personally and so therefore their opinion obviously isn’t valid.

However, this comment in response to my Homeless Doll post  (in which I wittily made sarcastic commentary on the latest Homeless American Girl Doll) was too good not to respond to.

First off I find it rather insulting …ALL of the latest commenting blogs and even reports from supposed “professionals” on American Girl and the doll Gwen.
The girl of the year line for 2009 started in jan 1st of this year and highlights a girl named Chrissa Maxwell who is moving to a new town and being bullied by a group of snobby bitches known as the Mean Bees. her dvd came out then as well and shows how one of the mean bees didnt want to be part of that anymore and as a result became a friend with Chrissa . The backround has shy little Gwen who gets bullied too and slowly becomes friends with Chrissa . Notice a theme yet?! YES this is about Chrissa standing strong and getting people together to stand against bullies whcich is a huge problem in our schools. Gwen gets picked on even more after the mean bees overhear that gwen is staying in a shelter with her mom and though thats unfortunate IT’S NOT what the story is about.
Finally after Chrissa has had enough of the crap at school she stands up and encourages her friends to do so as well ,to make a change and stop the mean bees from terroizing any longer. Gwen gets a apt with her mom and at the end of the story she gets a sweet lil dress to celebrate in at chrissa’s birthday party. Hence the white dress she wears as a doll!

2nd … American Girl offers QUALITY dolls and accessories that you cant get at Target. I know because i have a daughter and i have purchased the cheap our generation dolls and accessories as well as the madame alexander crap from toys r us. The immitations pale in comparrison as far as quality and style are concerned. Being a doll collector and doll lover since i was a small child  and KNOWING about quality dolls and cheap crap, I have no issues buying the american girl stuff for my little girl.

We used to be on the streets living in a tent while snow was still on the ground…so I know what its like and it’s no picnic. Having busted our asses to make over 200K a year and get out of the down and out slump I can say if you can’t afford the price tag then dont buy it But don’t bitch oh woe is me at the price a company has set for thier products. It’s just sad and lame. Or teach your daughter to SAVE her money for something special like the American Girl dolls.

My Response:

First, thank you for recognizing me as a “professional” blogger. It is high praise that I definitely deserve.

Second, thanks for the back story on these made-up people. Their fake histories are certainly relevant to five-year-old consumers, and so I apologize for not being more aware of the circumstances when I accused Gwen of shopping at Anthropologie. It was clearly a Forever 21 purchase, which is totally different.

Also, your waste of your own money is certainly none of my business. I completely support whatever irrational choices you want to make, only because I am sure I too have spent way too much money on useless crap like ironic wool sweaters I can never wear because I live in a warm, comfortable climate.

However, I find it highly offensive that you presume I come from an affluent and privileged background, thus making me “ignorant” to the circumstances of Homeless Life. Like Gwen, I come from the wrong side of the tracks. My family was on welfare, until we learned how to spell things like “imitations” and “comparisons,” thus allowing my family to earn six figures a year! And as a fellow ex “down-and-out” person, I still think this doll is offensive bullshit. The issue here is not the expensive price, but rather the capitalization of a corporation on a sensitive social and economic issue. Now that is sad and lame.

Also, I don’t have a daughter, so she won’t be saving any money for fictional homeless dolls that don’t need the money as much as real homeless people. And even if I did have a cheap daughter, I’d hope she’d spend her cash on better shit, like beagles.



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