Things I Like #2

A comprehensive list of the stuff I’ve liked over the past several days:

1. Beverlywood Bakery “Chocholate Chip Dannish”


This tiny picture absolutely does no justice to the magnificent deliciousness of this pastry. Easily the best I’ve ever had — this food is so good that I’d sing that awful Drake song of the same name to it.

If my stomach weren’t a wimp, I’d eat an entire bag of them. These pastries can do no wrong. They are consistently amazing and even fun to eat.

A possible disadvantage is the “high calorie content.” This leads to fatness.

However, I see fatness as a positive thing.

Fatness is frowned upon because, supposedly, fat is less preferred by most people, and consequently fat people are less liked.

People in general are disappointing though. They are also inconsistent. I would not say those things about that pastry. Plus, if you’re fat, then you don’t even have to bother with people since people won’t bother with you. It’s a win-win situation.

It’s delicious.

2. Great Feminist Articles

After some extensive googling of random things, I came across THIS WEBSITE.

It’s about why the term “cougar” is derogatory.

I love the girl who wrote it. I don’t even know her and have never heard of her before. Rebecca Traister. She’s great though! She has a really compelling writing style, strong arguments, and smart ideas. Plus she’s saying stuff that’s important. You know, stuff about how the way we casually treat certain demographics of people can be backwards and wrong.

I love reading articles that make sense. I loved Female Chauvinist Pigs too, but that didn’t happen in the past several days.

I think the saddest thing about it though is that the only people who really read these things are basically of the same sort as the one writing it. In this case, other feminists. So it’s like preaching to the choir.

I wish these sorts of things were the required readings in school. At least then people would be more educated about minority perspectives, including myself.

3. Dressing Casually


In this image conscious day and age, we have one remaining weapon in our favor: irony.

Not all fashion trends have caught on as being “ironic.” The aforementioned photograph does not demonstrate that concept at all. However, it does support another great one: comfort. When did webr_jsrpeastop stop wanting to be comfortable? A while ago, it seems. But I am a huge fan of large, unflattering things. It’s why I’m a proponent of bag shirts. They are classy but forgiving.

However, even bag shirts these aren’t as liberating as those ugly yellow sweatpants. The ugly yellow sweatpants are also fun. Dressing casual doesn’t just mean comfort. It also means style, or lack thereof. Not having style can be a really great feeling if you know you can have style. It’s like a choice. “Nah, not today. Fuck you.” This is why I have been wearing my mom’s old t-shirts from high school, and $2 dollar sweatshirts with dolphins that have the name of my hometown on it. Yeah. I’m that cool.

4. Toast


… with a little butter and jam. Mmm.

5. Fall


This is possibly one of the best seasons. Besides Spring. But oh, the holidays!

6. Slutty Halloween Costumes


Classic. I really wanted to be this and be “a fourth Mexican” for Halloween, but I don’t think anyone really believes that I am, even though I am, and so instead I just seem incredibly racist. This costume is also pretty racist, even for me. Also slutty, even for me. Also alcohol soaked, even for me. So instead I am just going to be a fairy prostitute. It’ll be cute.


2 thoughts on “Things I Like #2

  1. BEVERLYWOOD BAKERY. so good. i grew up right around there. if that pastry is what i think it is, then it was definitely my favorite. it probably had something to do with my, uh, hefty childhood.

    (also hi, it’s alana from vassar/ie)

    1. yeah! you’re so lucky you lived there. i want to live there. and just eat those. all the time.

      and hello! what are you doing now post grad!?

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