Hello, my name is…

This is my book I wrote. It is about me, a worm named Lowly. I am called Lowly because of all the people in my office, I am the least important. The worm part is because I’m a worm. The book has words in it, so I called it a word book. I hope you enjoy it.

Some of my interests include riding in apple helicopters, and falling asleep on the job. I stay up too late, and do not get enough sleep. It’s because I’m out drinking on work nights. It happens to the best of us though!

The book is rather thick, so my publisher decided to call it a chunky book. I hope that doesn’t throw you off. The pages are thick themselves, so I won’t trouble you with too many words.

How have you been? I’m ok. This week has been… well, I wouldn’t describe it as terrible.

You know when you know you’re better than everyone else, but no one else notices because you’re just a worm? Yeah, I feel that way too. It’s because I have no self-confidence, but that comes with the territory. You know, being a worm and all.

Well I hope you enjoy my book! I spent a lot of time on it and I did it so I could win a Nobel Peace Prize so everyone will start loving me as they should have already.

Thanks for your time!


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