Homeless Doll.

Surely by now you must have heard about the newest and coolest, HOMELESS doll.

There’s a fine line between advocacy and, well, poor taste. The ever-popular American Girls brand has released a controversial new doll named “Gwen,” a character who’s actually homeless.
CBS sent correspondent Hattie Kauffman to an L.A. shelter to gather some reaction to the doll:
[One homeless advocate] observed to Kauffman that she finds “the whole concept to be extremely disturbing. It’s not a doll I would ever buy for a child.”
There are between 7,000 and 10,000 homeless children in L.A. alone, Kauffman notes, and it’s doubtful many, if any, could afford Gwen’s $95 price tag.
One homeless woman in a shelter Kauffman visited said Gwen touched her heart when she saw the doll in its box.
The women praised the doll, Kauffman reports, until they learned Gwen isn’t a fundraising device for the homeless.

If you ask me not only is this doll totally in bad taste, but it also seems inaccurate. Those are some pretty nice threads for a girl on the streets. Look at that pink sash! Maybe she wouldn’t be homeless if she stopped spending her entire paycheck at Anthropologie. And who is her hair stylist? I wish my hair were that silky smooth.

I guess she is slumming it with the flip flops though. And that scrunchy… so 90s. But those are the breaks when you’re homeless, so I’m glad they made this doll to raise awareness (and profits).

But really, the most outrageous thing about the whole thing is… who is going to buy this doll? And then, what made those people think that buying this doll for $95 is a good idea?


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