The Informant!


I really enjoyed this movie a lot more than I expected to. I initially thought a movie called “The Informant” would be bad because I assumed it would be a political spy thriller with lengthy technical dialogue, like most movies that start with “The I–“. Like, The Interpreter, The International, The Interrogator, The Insider…

This movie was not like that. Instead, it was about Matt Damon saying awkward things in his head, which is really hard to not enjoy. Favorite moments from the film include, “Polar bears cover their noses when they are hunting for seals. Other than their nose, which is black, they blend in perfectly with their environment. So the question is, how do polar bears know that their noses are black and that if not for them they would be invisible? Do they know this by looking at other polar bears, or looking at their own reflection? Either way, this seems like a lot of thinking for a bear.”

Did I ruin this movie for you? No. I didn’t. Because you don’t know that Matt Damon also claims to not trust people who like avocado, because who could trust people who like that texture?

Also splendid about this movie is that comedians I love appeared in the film as very serious lawyer types. Who doesn’t want to see Patton Oswalt rattle off legal jargon with no sense of irony? That’s right! Go ahead! See this movie.

One thought on “The Informant!

  1. Can’t argue that Mark Whitacre is goofy and kind of dull. But the crazy thing is that that’s why I like him — he’s an average guy living an average life, and he’s bored with it. So he creates these wild, crazy yarns, then he can’t figure them out. His inner monologues are hilarious, but they’re also sad. I think Damon does an excellent job of showing humanity in a very frustrating character. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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