Rhetorical Qs

1. How much longer can I keep eating Subway sandwiches on a regular basis before getting sick of them and/or turning into a Subway sandwich?

2. Why do I have a cold… in my ears? Why is this even possible?

3. When will virtual reality movies/video games/internet come into existence? Will this revolutionize our society as we know it? Will this create a Matrix-esque situation, causing us to eventually become lost and destroyed within our own creation?

4. Is time travel possible, especially considering we have not encountered any time travelers in our own society? If the answer is yes, then which is the more likely explanation: time travelers carry a memory loss device ala Men in Black to prevent us from knowing of their existence OR time travelers are unable to be perceived by the environment they visit, and can only travel in time as a sort of spectating ghost?

5. Are run on sentences always a bad idea or are they sometimes kind of necessary to get the point across because there are sort of too many words to really properly get across the point you want to without having to pause awkwardly to then start a new sentence in a weird place like for example what if you ended a sentence and wanted to start the next one with “And” but then it’s improper to start a sentence with “And” so really are the rules of grammar just kind of arbitrary, when you think about it?

6. If someone wanted to turn the story of my life into a movie, would Mary Kate Olsen be hired to play the part of me, and demanded to gain twenty pounds for the role? Would she win an Oscar? Would this movie be criticized by Roger Ebert as being nothing more than soft-core lesbian porn?

7. If things had happened differently, would this other thing now be different, or the same?

8. This seems to be true: TV shows that start out strongly, end up being not very good later on (Entourage, Californication, etc.) and shows that start out sort of weakly end up being wonderful (Mad Men, Arrested Development, etc.) Is this a coincidence, or is there something crucial to this seeming fact? If you were to create a TV show — would you intentionally create a mediocre pilot to ensure long term success?

9. Little kids have imaginations. Where do those go, and at what age are they lost?

10. How did cooking begin? Like at what point did someone say, “this raw animal muscle would be more sanitary and have an improved flavor if I stuck it in this fire?” When did seasoning come along?


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