1. Self aware and try to change — but the process is difficult so they continue to make the same mistakes.
2. Dislike things intentionally that are popular to seem unique, and in doing so become sheep like everyone else intentionally disliking popular things.
3. Judge and hate other humans for flaws that are very reminiscent of the same flaws they possess.
4. Insecure and jealous — express this by either being overly critical of others or especially self-deprecating.
5. Want things (like power) in order to be well-liked, hate those who have the things they imagine would make them well-liked.
6. Self-preserving — often refuse to trust or open up to other human beings to avoid being “vulnerable.” In doing so, they become lonely and hurt, thus inflicting the same pain they tried to avoid.
7. Want what they can’t have, then dismiss the things they already have that might be “good” for them.
8. Use other humans to feel special and acquire attention, then discard these same humans when they are asked to give something in return.
9. Aspire to be different or “better,” fear that which is not normal, then assimilate into patterns and groups to maintain a sense of order and hierarchy. Then criticize and slander those who might actually be “unique.”
10. Project their feelings and beliefs on their view of the world — thus making the concept of “reality” negligible.


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