Cancer Horoscope/Drunk Yoga

My horoscope this week: The coming week will be prime time to perform minor miracles without trying too hard. You’ll probably have maximum success if you refrain from hoping and worrying about achieving maximum success. The cosmic currents will be likely to bend and shape themselves to accommodate your deeper needs if you proceed on the assumption that they know, better than your little ego does, what’s best for you. To get yourself in the proper frame of mind to do challenging tasks without expending strenuous effort, you might want to check out this photo spread of people practicing drunk yoga.


Drunk yoga seems like the kind of exercise I can finally be good at.


2 thoughts on “Cancer Horoscope/Drunk Yoga

  1. Savasana is my favorite position in yoga. I’m rssing this. Don’t hate me. I’m also trying to do some writing for dance in the website above. Not sure if it’s going anywhere but I enjoy it so far.


  2. i don’t know what rss is exactly but i like you!!! 🙂 i’ve never done yoga, drunk or otherwise. maybe i’ll try it sometime. i want to see your website! i don’t think the link worked?

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